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Chandelier Murano glass Ruby


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Chandelier Murano glass Ruby. In Venice hand-made chandelier with ruby flowers and white glass with five chalices with lamps.

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Chandelier Murano glass Ruby

Chandelier Murano glass Ruby. In Venice hand-made chandelier with ruby flowers and white glass with five chalices with lamps. Each chandelier is in a way unique and made with ultimate attention and craftmanship. These works definitely fit in the Arts and Crafts Movement, be it that they are made in Italy. The chandelier comes from the workshop and workshop of Tommasi. The chandelier is shipped from Italy directly to the customer.


Tommasi offers even more glassworks, the most beautiful Murano glass jewelry, from cheerful summer to chic jewelry that you wear to an official occasion or a party. There are many color combinations and they are really beautiful.

Museumshop Marandrew

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Andrew Zeegers is a Dutch based artist.