Chandelier Morano Glass Aquamarine-White


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Chandelier Moranoglas Aquamarine-White is a handmade crystal chandelier with decorations in the color aquamarine and five chalices with lamps.


Chandelier Morano Glass Green-White

Chandelier Moranoglas Green-White Is a handmade Murano-glass chandelier. Murano Is an island near Venice known for its many glass workshops. Anyone who has ever been to Venice will be familiar with this term. Here, craftspeople have been making glass objects for centuries. In fact Murano is part of Venice and when you walk through Venice you see small glass workshops everywhere in the city center where glass artists are working to make all sorts of objects from colored glass, from jewelry to utensils.


One of those glass workshops is the studio of Tommasi where they make beautiful glass jewelry and incredibly beautiful chandeliers …. This chandelier from Green-White Murano glass will look beautiful in your home. The chandeliers of Tommasi are the most beautiful chandeliers in the world.

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Gewicht 2000 g
Afmetingen 750 × 750 × 1000 mm


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Andrew Zeegers is a Dutch based artist.