Maand: augustus 2016

Cultural Department Store

Cultural Department Store

Cultural Department Store
A cultural department store, or shopping mall, has many benefits for artists especially as they are start-ups.
As a freshly new professional artist you can consider yourself to be a start-up. You’ve just finished your art, design, theatre or music education now you want to create your works of art and spread your wings. You are highly talented and work with the best materials and equipment. Meanwhile you rent a home, a studio and bills come in your mailbox almost every day. Besides from producing beautiful art you need sources of income through sales, workshops, courses you give or find a job in a supermarket.

Possibilities and Upportunities
Here in the Court of Fine Arts, in this cultural department store, we are developing all kinds of channels of income through art. There are lots of possibilities and lots of upportunities. By being as versitile as possible we can build a whole network where there will be allways either sales, or an event or a course so you can grow a thriving practice within your field of work.

Your own store
How would you like it if you would open your own store with your own banner, your own products? Here you can keep an exhibition in a state of the art online 3D gallery. When visitors come and visit other stores and artists they might visit your store as well. You can add as much products as you like and he rent will stay the same.

Social Network
Here you can meet and greet other artists in our social network and contribute to a group or forum. You can make open groups and secret groups. Meet friends internationally.

Many Benefits
So you can see there are many benefits to a cultural department store and we welcome you to become part of it. Hope to welcome you as soon as possible. The first 25 stores are given away for free. So act fast. For more information contact us at:

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